Recordings of Services

Love and Bananas

The Reverend Susan-Lynn Johns February 14, 2021

Find A Stillness

The Reverend Susan-Lynn Johns January 24, 2021

Annual Christmas Eve Service

The Reverend Susan-Lynn Johns December 24, 2020

audio_only_02The Rev. Susan-Lynn Johns
00:00 / 32:13

Living in the Light

The Reverend Susan-Lynn Johns December 13, 2020

Living in the LightThe Rev. Susan-Lynn Johns
00:00 / 09:30

Spiraling Out With Panache

The Reverend Susan-Lynn Johns November 29, 2020

Spiraling Out With PanacheThe Rev. Susan-Lynn Johns
00:00 / 16:33

A Cornucopia of Blessings

The Reverend Susan-Lynn Johns November 22, 2020

A Cornucopia of BlessingsThe Rev. Susan-Lynn Johns
00:00 / 10:29

The Common Good

The Reverend Susan-Lynn Johns November 8, 2020

The Common GoodThe Rev. Susan-Lynn Johns
00:00 / 20:19

In the Chaos of these Moments

The Reverend Susan-Lynn Johns November 1st, 2020

NEKASN - Northeast Kingdom Asylum Seekers Assistance Network

Michelle Rutman October 18, 2020

Here’s the link to the 10/18/2020 service led by Michelle Rutman exploring ways a new nonprofit organization called ‘The Northeast Kingdom Asylum Seekers Assistance Network’ (NEKASAN) is involved in the important work of helping Asylum Seekers coming to the US, after fleeing persecution in their home country. NEKASAN has been meeting the needs of Asylum Seekers within a Supportive Community by providing assistance for Guests, Sponsors, and Hosts. Find out what the experiences and needs of Seekers are and how we could add to the ripples of care. 

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples - Who Knows Best

The Reverend Susan-Lynn Johns October 11, 2020

Celebrating Indigenous People - Who Knows BestThe Rev. Susan-Lynn Johns
00:00 / 16:01

Afflicting the Comfortable

The Reverend Susan-Lynn Johns September 27, 2020

Afflicting the ComfortableRev. Susan-Lynn Johns
00:00 / 01:04

Hossea Ballou and Ethan Allen

Brendan Hadash, Guest Minister  ~  September 20, 2020

Hossea Ballou & Ethan AllenBrendan Hadash, Minister
00:00 / 26:45

If Not For The Winds Of Change

The Reverend Susan-Lynn Johns September 13, 2020

If Not For The Winds Of ChangeRev. Susan-Lynn Johns
00:00 / 22:03
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