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April 21st ~ Spiritual Walks and Elevator Talks, Sarah Bengston, Worship Associate ~ When we gather at our meetinghouse on Sundays, each of us comes from a different place and has taken a unique path to arrive there. Today’s service will reflect on the diverse spiritual journeys that shape our UU identities. We will also explore the concept of the “elevator speech,” a handy tool for explaining our sometimes complicated faith in simple terms.

Who We Are

We are brave, curious, compassionate thinkers and doers. Diverse in faith, ethnicity and history, we build a community that changes lives.

What We Are Doing

Standing for love, justice and peace for more than 150 years, we gather for worship, programs and special events.

Get Involved

Bring your passion and desire to see change. Be prepared to exercise your mind and open your heart. Together we can do the most good

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