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Convenant, Vision and Mission

Mission Statement

To encourage spiritual growth, celebrate diversity, and build a loving and just community.


We covenant to treat each child and each adult as an individual and with respect. 

We offer our wholehearted willingness to listen to each other and to learn from each other so that out of this love may grow.


Vision Statement


We seek to create a vibrant, welcoming religious community where a diversity of perspectives is celebrated.  Adults from all walks of life will participate as equal members and our children’s precious personhood will be accorded equal regard. In the search for truth and meaning, we will nurture and support the deepening of personal and communal growth so that we may each find the freedom to explore our individual faith in a safe and nurturing environment.


All will be encouraged in the expression of their spirituality through worship, social action, community forums, religious education and church administration. We see each of these activities as significant and worthy in the life of our congregation. We will engage in this mutual spiritual development in an ethical and loving manner, mindful of our place in the web of all life.


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