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Upcoming Services

Summer Services - 10:30 in person and on zoom


Theme - What’s Love Got To Do With It? At this year’s General Assembly a new set of UU values was passed by a vote of about 80%. The revised Article 2 emphasizes that we as individuals and and as a congregation do not have a creed and are free to relate with these new values as we will. Let us discuss the new values this summer in a format similar to what we did last summer both on Zoom and in person. Love is at the center of all the new values and will be underlying each of our discussions which will be led by Rev. Brendan Hadash.


July 7 -  Love and Justice


July 14 - Love and Equity


July 21 -  Rev. Joanne Giannino - Special Service-Watching the General Assembly worship service together


July 28 - Love and Transformation


August 4 - Love and Pluralism


August 11 -  Love and Interdependence


August 18 - Love and Generosity


August 25 -  Possible outside interfaith Service with Rev. Jay Sprout and Rev. Ann Hockridge at United Community Church

Sept. 1 Rev. Barnaby - Where Does That Leave the 7 principles?

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